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Well Architected CDK

Enhanced AWS Cloud Development Kit

Well Architected CDK offer components that are build to satisfy various security and compliance standards. 


Turnkey Solution

XLER8R is built using Well Architected patterns and offers a turn key solution for most commonly used cloud infrastructures such as building a website, REST APIs or running container based applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have open sourced XLER8R-lite that offers building website. However, premium version is available on a fairly reasonable subscription fee.

Absolutely not. XLER8R generate cloud formation templates that you can maintain without XLER8R. However, XLER8R will just make your work extremely efficient for a fraction of cost.

100%. XLER8R is fully customizable, all the defaults can be overridden to provide flexibility to our clients.

If you are planning to run your workloads in AWS, and want to accelerate your projects while saving cost by as much as 80%. Then XLER8R is the right tool for you.

You got it, by paying a small license fee you can continue to use XLER8R for as long as you want. However, the updates will be provided at an additional cost.

While the cost saving depends on the type of workload, however we were able to bring down cost for some of our customers by as much as 80%

We are available to support your development teams, we provide free 30 min support each month, any additional support can be purchased separately.

XLER8R is kept up to date with AWS new features and enhancements, so you will get all the goodies just by updating XLER8R version.

Let's see if XLER8R is right for your project?